112 Kids film

In the 112 kids film, a young rapper tells the story of Freddy. This story has been inspired by a 6 year old Belgian boy, Shayan. This brave little guy saved his mom, because he knew how to dial the emergency number 112.

The key aspects of an emergency call are elaborated in the film :

 • Learn the emergency number 112 by heart
 • when do you call 112
 • what do you say when you call 112: where are you, what happened, are there people who got hurt
 • don't call 112 to pull a prank

Would you like to sing along ? Download the lyrics here.

Download the 112 kids film.

112 Template 

When you need to call an emergency number, you are often in a stressful situation. Yet, it is important that you can provide the operator with precise and correct information and that you can answer his questions.

Try, before you call, to find out the following:

 • where you are
 • what happened
 • if anyone got hurt

Your kid should be able to give his address as well, or should at least be able to retrieve it easily. Help him or her: fill out the 112 template and hang it up near the phone.

Coloring pages

Five drawings that you can print out and color. 



112 Memory Game

Play the 112 Memory game with your friends, family, at home, in your class room or wherever you want. 




112 Bingo

Play the 112 Bingo game with your friends, family or even your entire class. 




112 Quiz

Did you get everything? Take the test here.
Read the 12 questions below carefully, then choose the right answer.

The emergency number for urgent assistance from the fire brigades, an ambulance or the police is…
Your house is on fire, what do you do?
When can you call the emergency number 112?
If I call the emergency number 112 for fun, then…
You are on a holiday in Ireland, someone has just been injured and no adults are around. What do you do?
With which phones can I call the emergency number 112?
When can you put down the receiver when you call the emergency number 112?
Who can call the emergency number 112?
What do you definitely need to mention when you call the emergency number 112?
What do you do when you suddenly see a snake in your house?
I have a cold, so I call…
What do you tell first when you call the emergency number 112?

You answered [TOTAAL] of [AANTAL] questions correctly.